Shopping for sofas quite literally from the comfort of your own sofa. Sofology teamed up with Go Instore to activate their revolutionary approach to customer consultation, online.


Sofology think finding a sofa that’s right is a bit like dating. You find sofas that match and sofas that don’t and they don’t just mean the room colour… Sofology are all about helping customers make

decisions that are right for them now and further down the line. Sofology puts customer experience above everything else to empower the best choices and keep their customers happy.


It’s no secret that impeccable customer experience is at the forefront of every retail success.

Sofology don’t believe in driving sales through offers, deadlines or commission. They don’t hold ‘must end Sunday’ deadline deals, they don’t rush you into a discounted sofa, they DO help you find the perfect fit with the help of their experts, so that you can feel at home on a sofa that you love in 3, 7 or 10 years time.

Sofology have teamed up with Go Instore to instantly connect digital customers with live instore experts using an immersive, live video platform, providing that unrivalled ‘instore’ experience from the comfort of their very own home.

Watch our THINK RETAIL Webinar below to get the in-depth Sofology x Go Instore story.

Shopping for sofas quite literally from the comfort of your (old) sofa.

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“The service that Go Instore offers fits brilliantly with our drive to be progressive in this area and acts as a natural extension of our in-store experience. Championing convenience with a one-to one consultative approach feels very much like the next step in retail.”

Harvey Ainley, COO Sofology

 £1 million in sales 266 days after going live

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