Elena Miro reinvented their digital brand experience and brought their exclusive flagship store experience, to online shoppers across the globe.


Elena Miro set out to reinvent their digital brand experience. Elena Miro understand that their customers rely on the expert experience of their store staff, with brand loyalty strengthened by connections between store advisors and customers.

Elena Miro asked – “how do we deliver the store experience that our customers already know, love and trust, in an online capacity?”. That’s where we step in.


In partnership with Go Instore, Elena Miro’s customers can now instantly connect with a trusted personal shopper/stylist via a virtual connection.

Online shoppers across the globe now have access to exclusive items and stylists in their flagship store in Milano Piazza La Scala, as well as their Bari and Torino locations. The ‘Go Instore’ experience bridges the best of both worlds. It elevates the brand’s online offering and caters to the needs of their loyal customers by bringing the physical store experience, online.


To bring the experience to life, Elena Miro created a series of ads for national television, social, PR and email to showcase the user journey and Go Instore features. Moreover, Elena Miro teamed up with Italian writer and super-influencer, Marina di Guardo to create a video showing how she shops with Go Instore which was shared with her 520k+ Instagram following. To watch the full video, click here.

“Thanks to Go Instore a physical experience is created in the digital environment. The store manager can give targeted advice to the customer and even propose new garment combinations.”

Martino Boselli, Brand Director, Elena Miro

25-50% conversion rate achieved

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