Arlo & Jacob have made it possible to shop for your home, without ever leaving it! With Go Instore, their customer’s can receive a personalised experience from wherever they are


Arlo & Jacob understands that a positive customer experience doesn’t come from engaging with a bot via live chat. It comes from human interaction that is tailored to individual customer needs.

With Go Instore, Arlo & Jacob have extended their customer experience beyond their physical stores. They wanted to reinvent their digital experience and make sure their customers could always access their in-store experts advice and knowledge.


Arlo & Jacob’s new era with Go Instore

Customer’s looking to update their homes can now book video call appointments with an Arlo & Jacob expert at a time that suits them from anywhere in the world. The two way video then allows them to receive insider tips and styling advice as they show the sales assistant their space.

“The personalised live video service we have been able to offer our customers through lockdown has been second to none. We are delighted we can continue to engage with customers in the same way we would in-store, online. Our desire to deliver a strong digital customer experience goes beyond the pandemic and we look forward to connecting with our customers in a new way even when stores in the UK can re-open”

Arlo & Jacob

246% increase in average order value

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