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5 Signs You’re Ready for Live Video Shopping: On-Demand Webinar

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We’re joined by the premium brand in household appliances Miele, who will be sharing their insights into how they knew it was their time to take on video shopping!


The future is now!

On Wednesday the 9th of February, our in-house experts at Go Instore got together with Miele, the leading manufacturer of high-quality domestic appliances and commercial equipment. The panel was led by Katie Jameson, Head of Marketing at Go Instore, Pierre Erfan, Head of Customer Success at Go Instore, and Hati Alvanidis, Head of Own Retail Activation at Miele.

Check out our key round-ups below…

Our collaboration started with the pandemic, but it certainly didn’t finish with it…

Miele has been a long-standing customer of Go Instore, first getting into contact after the pandemic saw global store closures. Retailers had to re-think their strategies, and Miele was no different. Over time with Go Instore, Miele saw customer satisfaction ratings soar, as omnichannel engagement allowed customers to shop from wherever they felt most comfortable. As we moved out of the pandemic, this demand didn’t let up- in fact, Miele are continuing to expand their service with Go Instore.

Chat Vs Video?

Hati noted that whilst there is definitely room for both, video is far more personal and sees more revenue uplift. Chat can certainly be handy for less complex questions, but video consultations are higher performing in terms of buying decisions. With video consultations, consumers can have different features explained, assistance in finding the right appliance, and receive in-depth product demonstrations. Hati explained Miele’s conversions are always higher through video, showing the importance of human-to-human contact in driving sales.

Your best assets are your people!

Miele targets roundels on specific product pages because as a retailer, they understand information around high-ticket products cannot be as accurately conveyed over chat as it can over video. Equally, whilst you might have tried DIY, we know your best assets are on the ground. That’s why it’s important to make the most of your people. Your staff has the knowledge and skillset- don’t waste this! Whilst DIY might seem the cheap and easy option, long term, cutting corners never works. 

The data says it all

If you’re looking for extensive insights and reporting, we’re the live video shopping platform for you. As Hati noted, data was one of the key reasons Miele started working with Go Instore. She also notes the importance of fluidity in live video shopping. With Go Instore’s appointment booking service, consumers can shop when and wherever they want. Data can be utilized to ensure there are correct staff numbers on the ground, and analyzed after individual interactions to see what sales strategy performed best.

Differentiation is key

Affirming your place as above your competition is key in today’s retail landscape. Take a look at what your competitors are doing…Are they offering live video shopping? How are you planning to match that? How are you planning to offer a better service than what they’re offering? 

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“By partnering with Go Instore, we’re able to deliver the same level of expert advice and guidance regardless of how customers interact with us. We couldn’t be prouder of our store colleagues, so this a perfect solution to continue driving our pet care experience forwards. Go Instore's live video solution has helped Pets at Home deliver for our customers when and where they need it the most. As a pet care business that offers a wide variety of services and product solutions, we want to create a joined-up pet care experience so that our customers know they will receive the same great level of service however they choose to shop with us.”

“90% of customers want to sit on a sofa before they purchase it. This isn’t always possible due to the often remote locations of our stores. Go Instore’s one-to-one solution has enabled our customers to trust the sales expert on the other side of the line to test out the sofa for them before completing their purchase. Our Sofologists are able to create an instant connection with customers and remove any friction from the buying journey.”

“Cycle Show, one of our biggest marketing exhibitions, was cancelled due to the pandemic – so we decided to take it online with Go Instore. The reach exceeded what we would expect to see at the in-person show with tens of thousands, possibly even hundreds of thousands, tuning in. ShopStream is the best way of leveraging our top of the range showroom and committed store staff to build a true omnichannel business that millions of customers around the world can enjoy.”

“Our M&S Video Expert service helps us to offer our customers flexible, easy and rewarding shopping experiences whether they choose to shop online, in-store, or both. We are building a shopping experience that’s fit for the future as our colleagues offer the same renowned experience expected in-store, to online customers, having started on Furniture, we have expanded to menswear and will launched on Lingerie in September 2021.”