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It’s almost February, and you know what that means. The month of love (and pancake day) is officially upon us. In the spirit of these lovely things (and to brighten up an otherwise dreary time of year!), we recently launched our Perfect Partners campaign. Through this campaign, we’re celebrating all things collaborative.

This week, we’re focusing on the importance of teamwork in our partnerships, with the spotlight on our friends across the globe at Xynotech.

The team at Xynotech works with Go Instore to provide IT consulting, software development and support. Their work is an invaluable part of what we do, and aids us in providing round-the-clock support to our customers to fulfill a great experience.

We got together some of the team at Xynotech to ask them a few questions about what teamwork meant to them, and how they find working with Go Instore in spite of the time difference. Check out their responses below:

How do you find working with Go Instore from a different time zone?

It seems fine from my side as there’s not as much difference between UK and Pakistan region, so it’s perfectly fine.

Not an issue with me it’s perfect.

Go Instore never lets us feel that we are working in a different time zone and they don’t affect our routine working time as per our time zone.

It is truly amazing working with Go Instore in a different time zone. Really appreciate, never seen any impact on work due to different time zone. And this is the biggest achievement so far.

It’s just like the same routine, working and adopting a new style.

Working in different timing zones does not make enough difference. It feels almost the same just that the GIS team is available in the second half of our timings.

To be honest there isn’t much effect and difference. We warm up ourselves and prepare until the UK team starts the day. Personally, I find it better that the Xynotech team can have a coffee and collect themselves before the UK team joins in on fun 😊

Different teams working in different geographical zones are almost a given in this day and age and there is no hiding from it. Solid processes and communications channels help much in Go Instore and Xynotech teams working together, and this is the best example that I have seen of the onshore/offshore model.

What does teamwork mean to you?

This is the most important element. Working as a team means synergizing the work and coming up with out of the box idea. While working out of office hours we had the chance to look after completely different clients who are in different time zones than the UK. So combining all the experiences from different shifts we support is more powerful in servicing our clients.

Teamwork means helping out, assisting in work-related matters, getting the job done and exploring different opinions and constructive feedback.

To me, teamwork is working closely with other people to achieve a shared goal. Every associate brings their own knowledge, skills, and experience to the project.

Xynotech and Go Instore laugh together and work together to achieve the goal, this is what we call good teamwork.

Teamwork means everything to me. It always brings new things to you. New ideas, learning, thoughts, culture and etc. 

For me, teamwork actually divides the tasks but multiplies the success.

Achieving goals collectively, sharing ideas, choosing the best solutions. 

Teamwork to me means a member not being afraid to raise their hand and say that they don’t know what is going on or how to solve a particular problem, and the team coming together to help that member out. Teamwork is not only about work itself, it’s having that friendly connection with your colleagues where you are not afraid of saying anything.

Teamwork is everything. It’s The Pillar of Software Engineering. Without effective teamwork, all the skills, knowledge, and best of intentions mean nothing. Ideas are worth dime a dozen (in many cases), but the execution is the real thing, and you are not going to have it without teamwork.

Teamwork means helping each other in every situation. To support each other and to work as a team not as an individual.

And, our personal favorite answer:

In my opinion, the most crucial aspect of the job is teamwork. Because there is a tremendous amount of work to be done everywhere. We struggle, we have to work long hours, and we have to get out of our comfort zones. That’s something I’ve noticed. That’s what I’ve done. That’s just the way things are in today’s competitive corporate environment. However, whether you are on your alone or have someone to share both your joys and your sorrows with, someone to provide a helping hand to or accept one from, and someone who remains in the office with you until 9 p.m. on Friday when a deadline approaches, makes a significant difference. To me, it is what teamwork entails.

To sharing our joys and sorrows with XynoTech! 


“By partnering with Go Instore, we’re able to deliver the same level of expert advice and guidance regardless of how customers interact with us. We couldn’t be prouder of our store colleagues, so this a perfect solution to continue driving our pet care experience forwards. Go Instore's live video solution has helped Pets at Home deliver for our customers when and where they need it the most. As a pet care business that offers a wide variety of services and product solutions, we want to create a joined-up pet care experience so that our customers know they will receive the same great level of service however they choose to shop with us.”

“90% of customers want to sit on a sofa before they purchase it. This isn’t always possible due to the often remote locations of our stores. Go Instore’s one-to-one solution has enabled our customers to trust the sales expert on the other side of the line to test out the sofa for them before completing their purchase. Our Sofologists are able to create an instant connection with customers and remove any friction from the buying journey.”

“Cycle Show, one of our biggest marketing exhibitions, was cancelled due to the pandemic – so we decided to take it online with Go Instore. The reach exceeded what we would expect to see at the in-person show with tens of thousands, possibly even hundreds of thousands, tuning in. ShopStream is the best way of leveraging our top of the range showroom and committed store staff to build a true omnichannel business that millions of customers around the world can enjoy.”

“Our M&S Video Expert service helps us to offer our customers flexible, easy and rewarding shopping experiences whether they choose to shop online, in-store, or both. We are building a shopping experience that’s fit for the future as our colleagues offer the same renowned experience expected in-store, to online customers, having started on Furniture, we have expanded to menswear and will launched on Lingerie in September 2021.”