Live video shopping:
how it works

Connecting your online customers
to in-store experts 

Live video shopping recreates the in-store experience, allowing your store experts to engage with customers online in either one-to-one or one-to-many scenarios.

1-minute overview

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Game-changing solutions, breathing new life into retail.


Banish the frustrations of online shopping once and for all. Let your team do what they do best and talk to online customers through live video.

One-to-One calls allow brands to recreate the in-store experience online. Customers are routed to a product matched expert in-store where they can interact with associates in real-time, all from the comfort of their own home.


Create the buzz and drive a buying frenzy for brands that want to go live to large audiences, from their website and all major social media platforms.

Broadcast new products or deals from your store or studio to reach your consumers en-mass, and influence the influencers.

ShopStream is delivering a first-gen tool for the next-gen shopper with features like interactive, real-time customer chat, and in-depth analytics tools.  Consumers love it, with ShopStream seeing a 94% customer satisfaction rating.

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Go LIVE fast. Don’t miss out on sales!

Let’s connect.

The sooner you talk to us, the faster we can make this a reality for your brand.  We facilitate over 30,000 calls per day. Set-up and going live is simple, all while the platform is backed up by enterprise-grade infrastructure that is trusted by some of the largest retailers around the world.

  Our Tech

A line of code on your website. 

Integration with social media.

Data to help you optimise and grow.

Your Team

Enable your team to hit their full selling potential and carry on being themselves.

The technology is easy- they will be demonstrating products in no time!

  And Go!

Give your customers the fun of being in-store from the comfort of their own homes.

The positive feedback and sales lift will keep you hooked.

All the functionality you need


Connect customers with the right store experts to put smiles on faces and boost results.


Hold a conversation with your online customers through live one-to-one HD video calls.


Level up your store experts with the information and powers to influence online purchases.


Learn who sells and how they do it with visibility on conversations, sales and customer feedback.


Go live and stream to your digital audiences to enrich shopping experiences on scale.


Activate a new generation of stores designed and built for your online customers.


Drive conversion with one-click add to basket feature for a seamless checkout.


Know exactly how you are doing, and create brilliant reports.


Data driven decisions that can optimise your sales processes.

How do you measure success?

We love data, and we want you to, too.  Our Go Instore Analytics is a comprehensive real-time platform that shows you who is selling, what’s marching out of the warehouse, which communication channels are working best, and ultimately, the sales figures.

We assess:

  • Unique callers
  • Average talk time
  • Customer ratings
  • Sales
  • Staffing numbers

And that’s just scratching the surface.

Book a demo in 3 easy steps

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