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What is live video shopping?

Live video shopping allows in-store sales experts to connect with customers virtually via video. Customers browsing on eCommerce sites are invited to start a call with a product-matched expert. Engage in one-to-one, one-to-group and one-to-many instances, showcase your products in real-time and give your consumers the ultimate personalized experience.

When is the time to move to Live Video Shopping?

Now is the time! Many retailers see their online traffic growing but are constrained by low AOV and conversion rates. Live video shopping bridges this gap, giving retailers the chance to track their calls, conversion rates, their AOV and make real changes with actionable insights. Live video shopping is quickly taking over the world- the future is here, and it’s time to invest.

Is virtual shopping the same as live video shopping?

Virtual shopping is an umbrella term that encompasses live video shopping. Virtual shopping takes the in-store browsing experience online, equipping customers to interact via video, live chat, or text. Live video shopping, however, is a more specific version of virtual shopping, describing an interaction purely via video. 

What is better, chat or video?

Although chat has its purpose, it can still leave customers with unanswered questions. Chat can often be impersonal, and difficult to convey tone of voice through. Equally, you may be stuck with long waiting times to get through to an advisor, and in most cases, will not get through to a human!

What is one-to-one video shopping vs one-to-many video shopping?

Go Instore powers various live video experiences in one-to-one, one-to-group, or one-to-many scenarios. One-to-one allows an online customer to connect to an in-store associate. The customer can choose whether they would like their camera on, or off, with the default option being off. One-to-many scenarios see in-store advisors broadcasting to unlimited audiences on their social channels, sites, or dedicated pages.

What Is livestream shopping? Is it the same as Shopstream?

ShopStream provides a seamless experience for consumers, combining live-streaming and 1:1 engagement with unlimited customer audiences. ShopStream allows retailers to broadcast from any location. Retailers can begin their streams from the shop floor (a.k.a. ShopStream store) using our Android App, or through a broadcasting studio (a.k.a. ShopStream studio) or through the Windows App (this app supports integration with many types of professional studio video and sound equipment). 

What is the best technology to use for a personalised online customer experience?

As we earlier emphasised, whilst chat technology can be appropriate for some occasions, it’s often impersonal. A personalised customer experience is a human customer experience- and if your consumers are shopping virtually, the most effective way to deliver this is through video. 

Why does Live Video Shopping help my brand?

Live shopping helps you engage with your consumers from afar, resulting in higher conversion rates and AOV. Go Instore trains your in-store associates to become experts in their field, allowing them to upsell and deliver the same care and support online as they would in person.  

Will Go Instore work on my website platform?

Yes! Easy widget integration you can do through a tag management system. We don’t use frameworks; it’s core JavaScript so nice and safe.

Do store colleagues need to be selfie-superstars?

Good news: it’s easy. Bring your store skills to life through video or take a moment to reimagine the experience – the choice is yours – but video calling through Go Instore is no sweat.

Can we link online purchases to store colleagues?

With Go Instore, you’ll have visibility on who sells what and how they do it. It’s time to break down your business silos.

Do customers need to download an app?

No apps, downloads or plugins needed. The experience sits within your website, never leaving or opening new tabs.

How do we go live?

It’s simpler than you think to get going. Talk with us now.