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With Go Instore, over 25% of customers will buy (that’s 8x more than the average for online shopping!)
spend 43% more and in-store experts score on average 4.7 / 5 on customer feedback.  

Italian fashion house Elena Miro transformed their digital brand and brought their flagship store experience to customers around the world…


conversion rate achieved

France’s most luxurious department store, partnered with Go Instore to bring their renowned personal shopping experience to their customer’s homes – luxury at its finest!


average customer satisfaction

Signet is doing more than reaching new customers with its technology; it is redefining the industry model, with the help of Go Instore.


calls in just 5 months

ShopLive enables Currys staff to work remotely or in-store. They provide their world-class customer support at any time of the day.


experts online

Ribble brings their incredible flagship showroom to your living room at the click of a button.


 more spend by customers when using Go Instore

Champions of all things best for baby, best for parents and best for the environment, Natural Baby Shower wanted to revolutionise their customer experience during the pandemic.

4.9 / 5

customer satisfaction score

Increasing reach well beyond the Mamas and Papas store footprint, they are using Go Instore to show parents-to-be what in-store products really look like.


calls a month

Make your current laptop jealous. HP and the dark store: making retail spaces and experiences accessible to wherever you (or HP) may be.


Consumers will spend on average 36% more with Go Instore

Shopping for a new sofa, from the comfort of your old one! Sofology teamed up with Go Instore to launch their revolutionary approach to customer consultation online.


sales 266 days after going live

Brompton Bicyle launched Brompton Live In-Store Expert, a new way of shopping to bring the showroom experience to their online customers.

4.7 / 5

Go Instore’s average customer feedback score

Arlo & Jacob have made it possible to shop for your home, without ever leaving it! With Go Instore, their customers can receive a personalised experience from wherever they are.


increase in average order value

To take their digital experience to the next level, Marks and Spencer partnered with Go Instore and launched M&S Live Expert.


 conversion rate

The White Company’s Digital Transformation


Increase in average order value 

Pleasure Way

To enhance their digital omni-channel experience, Pleasure-Way partnered with Go Instore and launched Go Live.


average customer satisfaction score

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